Do You Want To Know Why There Is No Photographer At Your Horse Show?

When people are annoyed about the fact that there wasn’t a photographer at the last show, or there wasn’t enough coverage or photographs taken, this is a perfect explanation of why.

Event photography is fast becoming a lost trade, mainly due to the fact that most people will print screen a proof of a photograph or copy an image on their phone and use it on social media without any thought to the fact that what they are actually doing is illegal.


The copyright of all images taken solely belong to the photographer, and stealing and using proofs and images without permission is a criminal offence.

Now I am quite lenient when it comes to people sharing my images and proofs, so long as they have the courtesy of purchasing, but unfortunately, most people don’t.


So next time your finger is hovering over the print screen button, spare a thought for the photographer that has stood on her feet for the last 12 hours, then sat for another shift, editing, cropping, sorting and uploading, and click on that image.

A lot of photographers will offer you a web sized image for a few pounds for you to share on social media etc, even that small purchase is greatly appreciated.

Please, feel free to share this using the buttons below, to raise awareness of this increasing issue and to ensure that in the future there will still be professional photographers covering equestrian events!

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5 thoughts on “Do You Want To Know Why There Is No Photographer At Your Horse Show?

  1. Well said , i had some pictures taken at a local show and must admit the quality was outstanding and at a fair price too . Keep up your good work .


  2. I buy the event photos when they are well done and reasonably priced but I find that often they are either no better than the photos my husband or friends took or else they want so much for the photos that it’s not worth it.


  3. Hi Jenna,
    Well how right you are, I have just put a notice on our web site about this subject. We cover most of the Somerset Carnivals and the amount of images people steal, sometimes saying they are their images, it is amazing where we have found them.
    We spend 10 hours at each event then we find some of the images on Social Network sites. Don`t get me wrong, we enjoy what we do at all the events but when we see them on Social Net sites and other places it makes my blood boil, just last week we have had to put a watermark-visible and embedded which in my opinion ruins the images.
    People never realize the amount of work and time put in by photographers.


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