Lest We Remember – The Animals & Horses of WW1





Tonight I have lit a lone candle. After lighting this candle I have sat and thought, not just about all the brave men that went away and fought our first world war, but the strong and powerful women that kept the country running whilst they were away, the animals that we could not have fought the war without, the cats, the dogs, the pigeons and most importantly the some 500’000 British horses that were lost in that war.

Some were lost by galloping fearlessly into never ending barrages of bullets, some of gas poisoning, some of starvation and malnutrition, some of just pure fatigue.

But most of all, let us remember the solace these animals gave to our soldiers, the friendship, the trust, the distraction from the horrors, but most of all, the hope.

Lest we forget…

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