Weekly Photo Challenge – Beyond

A Place to Rest

I actually have two shots of mine that I feel work for this weeks challenge. The one above I took of a lone rambler up on the desolate Peak District, tucking into a butty, looking out across the hills. I took the shot of the rambler, but I can’t help wondering what he is looking at.

The one below is of our cat Mykie, I took the shot of her as it is well lit and the background is beautiful and snowy, however she is more interested in what is going on beyond the window, she wanted to play in the snow!

Please click the images to see these and more, on my Flickr.

Looking Out

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Beyond

  1. They are both excellent. I especially love the cat… no, maybe the rambler… I like the rambler for the grayness of the sky, the feeling of loneliness, the brown grass, the solitary person. The cat, you can feel the interest of the cat in whatever is out there, like she would leap if she could.
    Thanks for the pingback and the opportunity to find your photos :)


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