Black and White Photography

I don’t think this post needs a lot of me jabbering on. I’ll just tell you that I have completely fallen in love, with Silver Efex Pro. It just gives so much atmosphere and feeling to a shot. If you want to try Silver Efex Pro, go to and download the free trial. It is an amazing plug in for Photoshop and Lightroom.

I love the detail and texture it has bought to the first picture. It was just a basic candid shot of a Rambler eating his butties, converted to HDR, then edited in Silver Efex.

Winters Coming

Three Shire Head

Three Shire Head

Did I say I love it? There are lots of tutorials and videos out there too, and it is a very simple program that can be used as a standalone too, so don’t worry if you don’t have Adobe’s products!

6 thoughts on “Black and White Photography

  1. Raven, I fully understand you comments as a NIK convert myself. The above images are fantastic. In the third shot the water is silky smooth – did you use a filter and long exposure as well as SEP?


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